ARTURA DESIGN, Window Treatment  

Window Treatments can save up to 40% in heat loss in winter and up to 50% heat gain in summer. A well insulated home is warmer in winter and up to 7 degrees cooler in summer and can save as much as $3,000 a year in energy costs and a reduction of CO2 emissions to the environment. Window Treatments also reduces UV fading in the home and are an effective means of acoustic control. 

We can advise you on the optimal window treatment to suit your style for all your windows and offer all supply and installation.

Window Treatment Checklist: 

1. What do you hope to achieve?
2. Do you need to see through it?
3. How much sun do you get?
4. Do you need privacy?
5. Is there a particular style that you favour?

We Offer:

1.  CURTAINS - Classic, Contemporary, Dramatic, Simple & Country/Cottage
2.  BLINDS - Romans, Roller, Motorisation, Venetians, Panel & Vertical 
3.  SHUTTERS -  Vinyl or Timber
4.  DECORATIVE - Poles, Pelmets and Tiebacks
5.  EXTERNAL - Awnings & Shutters